High Speed, robust payments systems.

Our belief is that the world should provide and create opportunities for cross-border global payments. GMX is building a modern payment systems to provide robust flexible solutions for our customers. A powerful network to make fast, transparent transactions from anywhere.

Highly competitive FX services, enabling payments for our customers in all corners of the globe.

Benefit from the one of the Worlds leading FX providers. Using our partner enables us to pass on FX rates that are highly competitive, including access to the a large number of currencies required to make payments around the World. Feel in control with the quotes we provide and complete transparency on the exchange that we deliver.

Advantages of using the GMX payments system

There are a number of advantages to using the GMX payments system, as we are defining new rules and breaking through more barriers than any of our competitors, providing a competitive edge for our customers.

Cost Effective

Bypass traditional payments rails that charge high transaction fees by plugging into the GMX network and connect to our payment systems. High levels of automation is integral to the GMX operation, allowing us to pass on savings as lower fees to our clients. As a client you can specify cost reduced as a key preference for your business and we will try and deliver the best cost for your transactions.

Fast payments

Powered by our unique system and dedicated team, we are able to work out the best and fastest solutions for making transfers. Having payments reach the beneficiary faster means you can pay your suppliers, or be paid as a supplier quickly and simply and get on with the business of expanding your revenues, rather than chasing or being chased for payment delivery.

World Coverage

Make payments into and out of more than 60 countries, handle business to business and business to consumer payments. Fit for a vast range of sectors, GMX has an extensive network that provides you access to countless jurisdictions, including what are traditionally considered the more exotic – enabling you to reach and add more places to do business with.

Experts in Global Payments

When we say global, we mean all parts of the world; with our dedicated SWIFT and SEPA networks, we are able to reach most countries. Our deep, local based expertise in different areas of the globe allows us to provide an holistic consultative approach in order to add value for our customers, whilst simultaneously assisting in the local demand of compliance and payment frameworks.

Cross border payment systems for Global Customers

GMX provides a seamless payments experience that breaks through borders and industries. Enhance your business with a clever, seamless and future-proof solution.

Payments systems from GMX work for all industries.

We accept a broad range of business categories, with a high acceptance rate, enhancing any business that requires transfer and online banking solutions. Our accounts provide a better business platform for your payment needs.