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Enhanced Financial Services for Best Transforming your Company Formation Goals

Whether it’s used for business or leisure, the prepaid Visa Platinum World Currency Card™ is the ideal multi-currency travel companion.

What do we Offer?

Introducing the World Currency CardTM. The key to unlocking an enhanced level of convenience and security, enabling you to explore and travel – stress-free.


Safer than carrying cash and cheaper than using a credit card overseas.

Load and reload your card with forex, before or while you travel

Use your card to pay and make purchases wherever you see the Visa sign, with no transaction fees

Use your card to withdraw cash at over a million Visa-accredited ATMs worldwide



Manage card easily through our mobile app and online self-service mobile site to:

= View purse balance

= View transaction history

= Transfer funds between currency purses

= Change your PIN = Find ATM locations

= Change the card’s status to “Active” or “Inactive” via the mobile app or online self-service site

Offering the Best of Asset Management, Risk Assessment, Capital Formation and Accounting Services

    While Travellers Cheques are accepted only at select locations for purchases or encashment, the WCC / GCC is accepted virtually everywhere across the world

Load multiple currencies

Load multiple currencies at a fixed exchange rate


Dual interface card

It can be used as a chip and PIN card as well as a contactless card


Anonymous or Personalised

It can be anonymous or personalised


Manage card easily

Manage card easily through our mobile app and online self-service mobile site


Safe and Convenient

It is much more safer than carrying foreign currency and convenient than carrying cheques


Self-select a card PIN

Self-select a card PIN